Phoenix Five

Multicultural Week is slowly winding down as students and professors are enjoying all of the events that have been planned. Many students The Phoenix is proud to present this week’s Phoenix 5: Ashley Heater, Ashley Gish, Emily Ayers, Kevin Gray, and Jamal Hill.


Ashley Heater didn’t really have plans for Multicultural Week. Heaters chose to go to Glenville State College because it is closer to home and likes how there are a lot of people here in this small town and really doesn’t see a difference between Glenville and her hometown.


Ashley Gish also didn’t have anything planned for Multicultural Week, but she has mentioned that she may go to one of the Polynesian events that will happen on Friday. Gish chose to go to GSC as her mother works here and she had also heard that the college would be a good place to go to as she plans on going to graduate school after she is finished with GSC. Gish also likes that Glenville is a small town with friendly folks and has a lot of cultural differences as well as different views on politics and religion.


Emily Ayers didn’t have anything planned for Multicultural Week. Ayers chose Glenville State College in order to get a four year nursing degree as Glenville does offer such a degree and it is closer to home. Ayers didn’t see a real big difference between Glenville and her hometown, but did like how Glenville is a nice little town.


Kevin Gray was unsure about any of the events going on this week as he hasn’t heard about them. Gray decided to go to GSC as he was offered a Basketball Scholarship and likes how Glenville is a small town where you can easily get to now others that live here, as he came from a big city such as Columbus, Ohio.


Jamal Hill hopes to go to a couple of the events during Multicultural Week before the week ends. Hill chose GSC for football and to further his education, majoring in Biology, and also liked how the people here are real close and friendly with each other. Hill was glad that he was able to be friends with not just students but the teachers here as well. Even though Glenville is more secluded than Hill’s hometown, he really liked how so many people here are friendly.

Even though Multicultural Week is coming to a close, students and staff members have enjoyed the events that they have gone to and were able to understand cultural differences. Do not forget about all other future events, such as upcoming basketball games, and support Glenville State College.

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