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sole_supportGSC’s Operation Sole Support
While many know that Glenville State College offers a quality education for local students, as well as being a source of employment for many families, it is often understated how much the college contributes to the daily lives of other people in the community as well. From college sponsored projects that are cleaning up litter along roadsides and parks, removing trash and tires in nearby streams, or that have repaired and painted local houses, the college has continuously contributed to the growth and health of the area. Another project that is giving back to the community is currently underway.
4574261-sneakers-illustrations‘Operation Sole Support for Physical Education’ was created during the fall of 2011 by GSC students enrolled in the Education 351 and Physical Education 326 classes. These college students, who were observing physical education classes in the local schools, noticed that some children did not have tennis shoes to wear during gym class. The elementary students, who were without shoes, were wearing only socks, resulting in a dangerous environment while doing physical activities on slippery gymnasium floors. These soon to be educators decided that it would be a good service project to the community to collect some shoes and distribute them to those students in need.
“Collecting new and barely used tennis shoes to distribute to local school children has become a tradition for the students in PED 326 (Teaching Physical Education in Elementary Schools). It is refreshing to see our students taking civic responsibility for others especially the young students they will be teaching very soon,” said GSC Associate Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Director Janet Bailey. To date, GSC students have collected over one-hundred pairs of shoes that have been donated to Gilmer County Schools.
Sole_Support_High_School1-300x225“Being from Gilmer County, I know some of the hardships that some people in the area go through. So I believe by giving shoes to those students who need them for class will be a great help to those kids and their parents as well,” said GSC Robert L. Stump, a sophomore Education major from Glenville, West Virginia.
GSC students will be collecting new and almost new tennis shoes through the end of March 2013 for this community oriented project. In addition to shoes, there will also be a ‘Sox Box’ for new sock donations to accompany these shoes to their respective owners. Grades 1-5 are the target group for these shoes, so any size that would fit an elementary student will be used and appreciated. The shoes will be given to the two physical education instructors in the Gilmer County School System they will then determine which students are most need of gym shoes. The shoe and sock donations can be dropped off in collection boxes that are currently located in the GSC PE and Health Building. Monetary donations will also be accepted for the project at the GSC Athletic Department office.
For more information about ‘Operation Sole Support for Physical Education,’ feel free to contact Bailey at: or (304) 462-6220.


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