This is Your Brain…on Spring Break

spring break beachThis is Your Brain…on Spring Break
While this pause in the semester for spring recess gives us all a much needed break from the papers and exams of midterm week, for many, this will be a time when their education takes a back seat to personal desires. While we all welcome this distraction from the continuous pressures of scholarly pursuit, most of us do not take advantage of this time to keep up with school work.
Many will go to warmer climates for spring break vacations and cruises, while many more will return home for short stays with the family, others still may use this time working to earn some money to supplement their income while at school. No matter what your plans are for the upcoming week, your education needs to fit in there somewhere so that, as a minimum, the existing knowledge will be retained.
Remember to bring books and notes with you, so that during your free time you can catch up on chapters you haven’t yet read; or finish with the procrastination and get started on that research paper you been putting off. I know that school work is the last thing you want to consider during spring break, but a minimal effort put forth during this time will make returning to college the following Monday a lot easier.
If you are flying or riding in a car, then read your text or listen to a lecture. When the children or siblings are away at school, or spouses and parents are away at work, take that peaceful time to sit and construct your thoughts and ideas on paper. If you are sitting by a pool, sipping Margaritas in the sunshine, then there is no better time or place to go over your notes. Free time will be available; you just need to use it in creative ways.
graduatesA college degree is an expensive life investment to acquire. For some their education has been paid for, for most of us, it will incur the cost thousands of dollars in debt before graduation. Those loans given freely today will have to be repaid tomorrow, and that day will come sooner than anticipated.
So let us bask in the sunshine of our well-deserved time off from the grindstone of education, let us dig our toes in the sand, have dinner with family and friends, and take a needed break for ourselves. Just keep in the back of your mind…school will start again the following Monday, and the semester will get harder from here. So let us enjoy this chance to relax, please be safe, and don’t be afraid to crack open a book or two, you will be glad you did.

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