GSC ROTC Hard at work in Glenville Elementary

Cadets in Glenville State College’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program have been spending time this semester at Glenville Elementary School for a community service project.

Each week one or two cadets and their instructors visit Glenville Elementary School to act as mentors for some of the students. They help students with school work that they are struggling with in their classes.

Himes_ROTC-300x225“My first visit to the school was great. It was such a wonderful feeling to see how excited the students got when they saw us in uniform. We really enjoy being able to help and act as role models for them. Being a part of that environment makes me appreciate being a cadet in the ROTC program even more. We always leave the school with such a great feeling knowing that we have done something to help them out or just make their day a little bit better. Our program’s goal is to stay actively engaged in the community and give back whenever we can,” said Cadet Nicole Himes.

Himes is a GSC senior from Harpers Ferry (Jefferson County), West Virginia who will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. She is the Commander of the GSC ROTC unit and Battalion Operations Officer for the Yellow Jacket Battalion which includes ROTC units from West Virginia State University, the University of Charleston, West Virginia University Institute of Technology, and Glenville State College. After graduation, she will be commissioned as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and will enter the Adjutant General’s Core.

“Glenville Elementary feels very fortunate to work with the GSC ROTC program. Volunteer hours at the school are very important to meeting the needs of our children. We appreciate the ROTC community service and realize they are making a difference,” said Glenville Elementary Teacher Nancy McVaney.

To learn more about the GSC ROTC program, contact Major Charles Beirne at or (304) 462-6287

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