FAFSA Reminder

Tax season is one of the most hectic times of the year as everyone needs to make sure that all the numbers have been crunched right, all important documents are signed in the right places, and nothing is out of place. This is even more hectic for college students who are working on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA for short, as these very documents are vital for further education. Students already spend hundreds to even thousands of dollars on school materials such as textbooks, notebooks, and even the needed technology for college like the latest virus protection or phone.
The deadline for the FAFSA is April 15 which is not very far away, so there really isn’t much time to let important documents sit around until two or three days before the deadline. All the documents for the FAFSA must be submitted to the Financial Aid Department and if necessary, students are allowed to use the computer in the conference room. The workers at the department are willing to help you get the right documents taken care of. There are also a couple of web sites to learn more about getting the FAFSA completed and more information about grants and loans, such as the Federal Pell Grant and both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Those web sites are www.fafsa.gov and www.cfwv.com. Both sites will aid you in getting your higher education by going over documents and checking what grants and loans a West Virginia student can get.

Of course you need the correct information for completing the FAFSA; such as date of birth, social security, and your full legal name so that the IRS can retrieve data from the correct tax return. Students who are less than full time can contact the Financial Aid Department for adjustments to their grants, loans, and other financial records. It is vital that you look at the costs and the financial aid amount and even more important to have everything in at the correct time. Seek out your own answers, because all students have their own unique financial status. Current students of Glenville State College should keep a close eye on their GSC e-mail for any alerts or messages from the Financial Aid Department.


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