Junk Funk Fashion Show

Junk Vase 2 (800x600)The Junk Funk Fashion Show has ended and the works presented were really cool. From vases made from painted glass bottles to even a dress made entirely out of trading cards, the fashion show was really good. There was even a checkers game made of a pizza box and bottle caps as well as artwork done on parts of the pizza box on display. During the fashion show, a presentation will be given about how going green can benefit the planet, as well as to show the results of pollution and offer helpful tips of how being green is essential.Junk Records (1024x768) (800x600) At the show, Tiffany Carper, a student here at GSC, has made a dress entirely out of trading cards from Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game.  This is made complete with plastic garbage bags, and a bow made of plastic bottle wrappings, all tied together with a hand fan made of trading cards, popsicles sticks and duct tape to add that flare to the dress. The dress will be displayed during the tree planting at the Yeager Airport to help promote the practice of going green. I myself have to say that the dress itself was wonderful and it showed the amount of dedication that one can take when protecting the planet. So help out during Earth Day by recycling and finding unique ways of using those empty bottles and boxes around your home by turning them into something memorable.Card Dress (600x800)

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