Trillium Reading at the Finals

TestWordsworth, Eliot, and Tennyson,  have written many a poem and have served as inspiration for future writers and poets,  that is why on Friday, May 5, there will be a reading for the new issue of the Trillium.  This is  a collection of poems, short stories, and art works that will be presented, so that future writers and poets can share their ideas with their fellow students and faculty members.  There will be readings from the very students and staff members whose works will make up the Trillium, and even works by the well-known poet Andrea Hollander, all of which will be available to share with everyone .  This yearly campus anthology is open to any one who wanted wanted any of their works  to appear in a future year’s edition of the Trillium.  This event will also be an open mic for anyone who wishes to read their own piece from within the Trillium or even a piece that wasn’t even submitted into the book, as one can read their own or even a another poet’s work that they had really enjoyed. Those who attend will get a copy of the Trillium to keep forever; so they could read it as much as they want to. The event will take place in the Multi-purpose Room on the third floor of the Mollohan Center at 4 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend. So listen to the thousand words from within the Trillium and get a copy to enjoy.

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