Comedy Night @ Rusty Musket

Standup Comedian Lucas Bohn will be here at GSC September 3 at the Rusty Musket from 7-9 p.m. Bohn features a variety of real life examples such as going to the gym and familiar impersonations like that of Sesame Street’s Elmo in his act to captivate the audience at all times.

comedy-night-imageBohn became interested in writing jokes during elementary school when he bought a book called Snaps. He continued writing his jokes and by age 11 he had already been published. Bohn truly began his stand up career after moving to D.C. While going to college he began practicing stand up at a local club which spurred his career. From a casual performance given on a whim, he has grown a career in which he performs all over the United States.

Incorporating jokes into his impersonations, Bohn will keep the show going and going. Please feel free to come out to the Rusty Musket to have a few laughs and to see a phenomenal comedian and performer.

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