Writing Consultants Available to Help Students

The school year is underway and many students are beginning to receive their first assignments of the semester. For several students, these assignments may include the “dreadful” task of writing papers. Although the writing process may seem like a daunting task, the students here at Glenville State College are actually quite fortunate. This year marks the second year of the Glenville State College writing consultant program. The program got its start last year under the watchful eyes of Dr. Melody Wise, Professor Melissa Gish,  and Dr. Marjorie Stewart.

During its first year, the program was able to provide in and out of class assistance to a number of students. Several English classes were equipped with teaching assistants while the Academic Support Center had Writing Consultants available during most operational hours. Teaching assistants in the classroom were able to assist teachers by helping students in several areas of the writing process. In addition to the teaching assistants who were present in the classrooms, a group of students also alternated time in the academic support center.

Writing258This semester writing consultants are back at their jobs. Each writing consultant this semester is well qualified to help with a variety of writing issues. Although many individuals believe that the writing consultants can only help with English related assignments, this is untrue. Consultants are available to help with writing across all of the subjects.

It is important that we all become stronger writers, and working with a peer in a comfortable environment is an excellent way to become a better writer. Each peer consultant has been trained and also has had valuable experience in many of the same classes as those they are helping. Although this program is still young, it has already helped many students start their journeys towards becoming better writers.

As the program continues to grow, it will aim to gain many students from various subject matters. The goal is to make sure each student at Glenville State College has they help they need to reach their full potential as a writer. Currently the writing consultant staff contains four Seniors. This means that any strong writers who would like to learn more about being a writing consultant are encouraged to inquire about joining the program. A final schedule of academic support center hours will be available shortly. For more information about the program contact Dr. Wise at Melody.Wise@glenville.edu .

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