Mock Trial Pioneers

MockTrialMock Trial Pioneers is an organization returning to Glenville State College that will be acting out criminal court cases. Both the prosecution and the defense of each case will be represented by 10-16 people. This includes lawyers and witnesses, with roles assigned in advance. The trial will help students learn how to utilize a variety of skills such as argument development, public speaking tips, communication skills, and confidence gaining.

On September 5 the Mock Trial Pioneers will enact the case of famous movie director Jackie Owens. Owens has been charged with the murder of his business partner Jacob Bennett. However, Owens carries a strong movie star alibi and a forensic entomologist that confirms Owens was out of the country when the victim was killed.

Mock Trial Pioneers is a part of The American Mock Trial Association. This year Professor Amy Beckett plans on making their presence known on campus and grow the organization. If things work to the current plan, the organization will be competing on the National level by 2015. If you wish to join at any time throughout this year feel free to contact Amy Beckett at


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