Java City: Open Late?

Most students on campus have wanted a coffee shop for a while now. Well their pleas have been answered with Java City, a new coffee shop that opened at the beginning of the semester in town. Although those pleas have been answered, many new ones have come to take their place. Java City is normally open from 9 am to 2pm, but it should be open longer.

Most students complain about it not being open long enough for them to actually grace the store with their patronage. Many students have packed schedules in the morning

Picture of Java City cardboard hand protectors.

Java City is Glenville's Newest Attraction

and are unable to make the trip into town on time to catch them during their hours. On the other hand, there are many commuter students that are only here during certain parts of the day. With that being said, it is not very reasonable to only stay open during those hours.

Another reason for the later hours would be the financial advantage it would give the owners of the store. Only staying open for those hours severely limit the amount of students that can purchase items, therefore the business loses money because of it. As a result, the shop could be forced to fire employees or cut back even more on the times they are open. And like the domino effect, everything falls apart and goes down the drain.

Students around campus have their opinions on the subject. GSC actor Patrick Montgomery said, “If you are lucky enough to get to Java City during the 15 minutes they are open, they will find that they are fantastic. Try the cookies and cream Javalanche.”

Almost all of the students I talked to about this problem had the same opinion; Java City should lengthen their hours and stay open later. The coffee shop was opened for the students and faculty of GSC, shouldn’t we have a say in how late it is open?

Now most people would say that only staying open for that time is normal for a coffee shop. I would normally agree, but this isn’t a normal coffee shop, this is a college town and most college kids have diverse schedules to contend with. And those selfsame students need coffee at times to help them get through whatever they have to; therefore Java City should stay open longer.

The campus coffee shop should cater to their customers’ needs. Java City should really extend their hours in order to help their business thrive and to help students get what they need.  The students would be happy and so would the owner.

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