Sculpture Artist`s First Show at GSC

On November 14, the campus was in for something unique for their latest art show. This time they got to look at wood fired sculptures of heads done by sculptor Cherese Weaver. She is from Lookout, West Virginia, and owns her own gallery called Midland Trail Gallery. This was her first solo art show but has some of her pieces at Tamarack Art Gallery in Beckley.

A lot of her inspiration comes from anthropology and archaeology, which she is very passionate about. Her influences for her work include ancient cultures, spiritually, forensic science, mythology and the fondness for all things mysterious, such as cultures, religions, rituals and people who existed long ago. When asked how she learned to do her sculptures, it wasn`t that she learned the skill in an art class. Instead, she learned her skill from her late husband who was a forensic scientist. He used to show her different types of skulls to show that for each race, their skulls are shaped in a different way. So Weaver studied them to make her sculptures look like real people.

                            “I hope they connect spiritually and mentally with my work.”

Weaver show opening

Cherese Weaver's show opening at the Fine Arts Gallery

Weaver`s study of skulls shows because for each one the viewer can tell what race the sculpture is supposed to be. For example, one of her sculptures is called “Chinese Warrior” and it actually does look like a Chinese person. Some of her other works include “Joan of Arc,” Ancient Nubian,” and “Pan,” who is a character from Greek mythology. When asked how she wanted people to respond to her art, Weaver said, “I hope they connect to it spiritually and mentally.”

Along with people coming out to see her sculptures, there was also door prizes, which were three pottery pieces also done by Weaver. Those prizes went to Richie Jones, Jordan Young and Jessica Patterson. Weaver`s sculptures will be in the Fine Arts Building`s Gallery until December 7. For more information about the artist, visit her web site at

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