Student Government Beautification Projects

Students of Glenville State College are very fortunate to attend a quiet and peaceful college. In order to keep the college in the best condition possible, it takes the work of all of us. This is why this semester the Student Government Association has decided to start an initiative to help beautify the campus. Through this initiative SGA will be working closely with other campus organizations in order to make Glenville State College a cleanlier and friendlier place to attend.

Cleanup near the Glenville State College Fine Arts Building.

Glenville State College SGA cleanup project.

This beautification project got underway on September 9, as both students and faculty came together for a project behind the Fine Arts Building. A group of comprised of athletes, coaches, and students took on the task of clearing out brush near the building’s parking lot. According to project supervisor Dr. Dwight Heaster, and the amount of debris removed, the project was a great success.

Due to the success of the projects, SGA will be hosting a series of further beautification projects. One of these projects will include collaboration with the Art Club to design an art project for the large concrete wall in front of the library. The other major project which is planned will be to design a ā€œGā€ on the hill at the three-way stop near the Rite-Aid. Along with these projects, SGA will continue to work closely with the maintenance department to continue to beautify the campus of Glenville State College.

For further information about assisting with these projects, please contact Dr. Heaster, Travis Nesbitt, or Marc Jones at the emails listed below. All help is greatly appreciated.

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