’73 Football team reunites in Glenville

Since 1973, thousands of students have attended Glenville State College. After college, they choose a pathway that take them in separate directions. For many of them, it is only possible to keep in contact with a tight knit group of friends. It is extremely rare that that close knit group of friends consists of an entire football team. However, that is exactly the case for the 1973 NAIA Division II national runner up Glenville State College Pioneers.

This past Friday evening, I had the privilege of attending a banquet honoring this legendary squad. Of course, I expected food, pictures, and fellowship, however; I did not expect to experience a group of men who shared a bind unlike any I had ever witnessed. Nearly forty players from the team attended the dinner, and each player came with his own heartwarming story to tell.

Although the event was headed by Glenville State College’s own Bob Hardman, players returned from across the nation to attend the homecoming week festivities. Players returned from as far away as Nevada, Florida, and Virginia. It is often difficult to gather local individuals for events, so the distances traveled by some members of the team were extremely remarkable.

The distances from which the players traveled was not the only impressive part of the evening’s celebration. The most remarkable part of the event was the story which each player in attendance shared. At one point during the event, each player took a turn to stand up and introduce themselves to those in attendance. As they did this, each player also shared a memory they had of their season and their teammates. During this time, it became evident what a strong bond these men had formed over their time spent at Glenville State College.

As a current student of Glenville State College, it was very encouraging to see the impact that this college had on the men of that team. It also became very evident over the course of the evening as to why the 1973 team accomplished all that they accomplished. The work ethic and close knit nature of the group ultimately led to the success of the squad. Overall, the team should serve as an example to both current and formal students as to the great things that can be accomplished through Glenville State College.

Glenville State 1973 Squad

Seated, l-r: Mark Toney, Randy Smith, Glen Kouns, Brian Taylor, Steve Buffington, Kenny Morrison, Rick Lemley, Don Brady, Bernie Buttrey
Standing, l-r: Coach Jerry Milliken, Roger Bonnette, Dave Harsh, Marcus Rice, Art Ausberry, Eddie Williams, Dave Mossor, Joe Mitchem, Keith Sayre, Arthur Keith, Irv Braniff, Bill Nicholson, Bob Hardman, John Pratt, Steve Deem, Bob Maynard

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