What is Student Support Services?

trio_logos-student_support_services_red_croppedStudent Support Services is a program for low income first generation students. They provide a lot of support for students from anything to buying textbooks and laptops to tutoring programs free printing and educational workshops. They have 160 spots available for the program and want active members. Being active includes going to their activities that they hold almost weekly throughout the school year. Some examples of the activities they hold are educational workshops, game nights, cultural events, and tutoring sessions. Onick Lewis, project director, says that we want active members because the more you put into the program the more you get out of it, and if you don’t participate you are taking up a spot that could be helping someone else.

Student Support Services was started as a Trio based program in 2005. Trio is a program that stems from the department of education. Trio started off with three different programs. Student Support Services was one of these programs. SSS is funded by a five year grant and will have to re-apply every five years. Currently they are funded until 2015.

Onick Lewis encourages everyone who is interested to start coming to events held by SSS. Even if all 160 spots are taken then you will get to know everyone and will be one of the first people to know when a spot opens up. To apply stop by the Student Support Services on the first floor of Clark Hall.

If you are looking to help out or participate in any activities soon Tuesday, October 15 there will be a Community Clean Up hosted by the SSS. In order to be involved in the clean-up meet outside Clark Hall at approximately 10 a.m. and be ready to work.

Lewis encourages everyone who needs it to take advantage of this program if they are willing to be dedicated and active so feel free to see if you qualify.

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