SFFG To Host One More HvZ Game This Semester

                The Glenville State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Guild are at it once again. Their second day-long game of Humans vs. Zombies is scheduled to start on Saturday December 10, 2011 at 10 a.m. During this game, students will follow a set storyline written by none other than GSC sophomore Evan Foster. Foster has been a long time member of the SFFG and has helped arrange most, if not all, of the previous games with help from numerous other members of the SFFG.

SFFG member Michale Moss during a break in last year's mission.

SFFG member Michael Moss during a break in one of their missions.


                The game of Humans vs. Zombies has been played by the SFFG numerous times over the last three semesters. Humans are identified by a brightly colored bandanna that is tied around the bicep of either arm and zombies are identified by a brightly colored bandanna that is tied around the head. The game starts with a select group of participants that become the start of the infection. These zombies are referred to as “Original Zombies”.  The zombies run around and try to tag the humans and spread the infection even further. The humans then try to survive the horde and last until the game ends.  Humans “fight” back by using their Nerf blasters and other weapons to “stun” the zombies, therefore ending the threat for a predetermined amount of time. Usually the zombies re-spawn (come back) every 5 minutes on the hour. But this version of the game will be played a little differently and since the game will only last a day, some of the rules will be changed. At the start of the game, players will not be allowed to have their full arsenal, only a small sidearm or for example a Maverick.

SFFG members enjoying a break in their day-long game of HvZ.

SFFG members enjoying a break during their hectic game of HvZ.

        Hopefully with their information table in the Rusty Musket through Friday and word of mouth, more students will sign up and make this day-long game one to remember. Maybe you might even pull out your blaster and join in as well. Although this will be the last game played for this semester, there are many more planned for next semester. For more information contact Evan Foster at foster.evanm@gsc.glenville.edu.

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