Mock interviews scheduled at GSC

Congratulations, you got the job! As college students, this is a phrase that we all hope to hear in the near future. However, many of us may have never experienced anything close to the interviews we will experience as we enter the working world. Luckily for the Students of Glenville State College, help is available.

Glenville state CollegeGlenville State College’s Career Services Office will offer the students of Glenville State College  Mock Interview Day. This opportunity, which will available on Thursday October, 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the MCCC Ballroom, is an excellent opportunity for all students. During the process, students will have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews in one of several categories. The Mock Interview day will provide mock graduate school interviews for both Medical School admission and Law School admission. In addition to the graduate school interviews, mock employment interviews will also be available. Employment interviews will be available in the following categories; Federal law enforcement, State law enforcement, Federal corrections, Glenville Family Service Agency (Social Work), and Glenville Corporation Project Coordinator (General Administration.).

Each category will have only ten slots available so space in the interview day is limited. In order to obtain an interview, it is essential that students contact the Career Service Counselor to get a copy of the job which they would like to interview for. Students will then be asked to fill out an application for the job which they chose. All applications must be turned in to the Career Services office by October 22 to be considered for the Mock Interview day. Students who are chosen to participate in the interview process will be notified by October 25 to be given ample time to prepare.

Students will be judged on the way they handle the interview process. The judges will then give tips informing each student of what they did right or wrong during the interview process. The highest scoring individual in each category will be declared the winner. However, each student could win an abundance of valuable information by participating in this process.

All students are encouraged to contact the Career Services Office for additional information regarding the Mock Interviews. Contact the office at 304-462-6151 to ask questions or to schedule an appointment.

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