Journalism 322

phoenixJournalism 322, Advanced Reporting and Editing, is being taught by Dr. Stewart for the 2013 Spring Session.  It is a class for all levels of writers and is open to all students. Students who have taken class 205 (Writing for the College Newspaper) are recommended to return and will be expected to take a larger position in the more in-depth stories, while beginner students will learn much of the same as class 205.

This class counts as an elective credit and is a good class to take for all majors. After this class, students are able to say they have published work, which is impressive for future employers. It is especially recommended for English, Marketing, Sports Management, and even Art majors. If you enjoy photography this is a good class to take as well. It teaches the writing component, and your photographs can go in the “The Phoenix” as well.

Writing for “The Phoenix” isn’t just a credit, but an experience. The newspaper teaches students how to break out of their shell, how to be patient yet persistent, and how to talk to different people. Journalism teaches you to ask random students questions, how to give people time to respond, and how you should address a student versus a professor in your writing.

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