Q+A with Head Baseball Coach Tom Gilbert

Head Baseball Coach Tom Gilbert talks about the upcoming season.


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GSC Baseball season is almost here

Q+A with Coach Gilbert

Phoenix- Well first let’s start with who your favorite Major League Baseball team is?

Coach Gilbert- Baltimore Orioles. Don’t hold that against me.

P- What was your previous coaching experience before coming to Glenville?

CG- I coached a sponsored team by the Baltimore Orioles for seven years called the Oriolelanders. Still exists, you had to be invited to play. I had 27 guys drafted off those teams in seven years. I had one who pitched in the World Series. His name was Tony Sanders. Then I proceeded to coach around the Maryland area for the next 13 years.

P- Was that on the college or high school level?

CG- High School.

P-How did you hear about the Glenville job?

CG- Well I’ve been traveling here, my wife’s from here. Her father told the school and we used to comeback all the time to visit her parents and I found out that there was a job opening for a coach.

P- With a first-year team you’re obviously going to have a lot of underclassmen. Has anybody stepped up as a leader in your mind yet?

CG- Well we have one senior and he seems to be leading us most of the time and his name is, well I call him Tex, but his name is Jeremy Tindell. He always sets a good example. Always works hard.

P- What are your expectations for this first season?

CG- We are very young. I really don’t know what to expect yet but all I’m expecting is a full effort. So my expectations are that we should be able to win every game. I don’t know if that’s my reality but that’s my expectations. Being young we are going to give people a hard time. We believe defense and pitching wins championships. No matter what sport you’re in, defense wins championships.

P-What big games and tournaments do you have on your schedule?

CG- Our first games are in North Carolina. In Williamson, North Carolina in a three-game tournament. That’s where we will cut our teeth. We always know, as far as I’ve been told, West Virginia State is the team to beat. So when we play them we are going to be ready to play.

P- Yeah I know their coach he’s from back home, Cal Bailey.

CG- Yeah everybody knows this guy but I didn’t know about him.

Coach Duelly- He’s pretty famous.

P- Any noticeable difference between your previous job and the job you have right now?

CG- I was talking about that earlier today but I don’t want to put that in the paper. [laughter] It’s much more enjoyable to come to work then where I was working. I worked in finance prior to this. Coming to work now and building a championship team is exciting. We have some young talented players that I’m very excited about.

P- What is your favorite part about being a college coach?

CG- Just being able to interact with guys in college that are excited about where they are going in the future, having the opportunity to compete on this level.  It’s exciting to be able to put together a working unit of athletes so that they work as one.

P- Well good luck with your upcoming season Coach.

CG-Make sure you come out and see us.



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