Lady Pioneers to Begin New Season

When the topic of Glenville State College Women’s Basketball is discussed, it is normally a conversation surrounded by adjectives describing the pedal to the medal brand of basketball that former Head Coach Bunky Harkleroad and his players brought to the court, however; the departure of Coach Harkleroad has left many fans wondering what the next era of Women’s basketball will be like.

Glenville State College Women's BasketballLuckily for fans, the up tempo, stand up sit down, brand of basketball we have come to know and love will not be going anywhere.
New head Coach Charles Marshall said, “The system is the same with some new touches I like to add.” As the program gains a reputation for this brand of basketball, the Lady Pioneers are certain to be considered one of the top teams in the conference and region.
That’s why this season the Lady Pioneers have opened up with a couple of games that the team would normally not have the opportunity to play. Already on this young season, the Lady Pioneers have had the opportunity to play the number two

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