Registration Advice for Freshmen

With registration upon us, today is the day for freshmen registration, and as it’s their first time registering, the upper classmen have some advice.

Allen Gregory recommended checking with your advisor, looking at the classes that you need, and trying to take the classes that fall only on certain semesters.

Dorothy Daughtry said to plan ahead, talk to your advisor, have a back-up schedule, and to try to take general education classes first.

Nichole Horty warns not to expect to take the classes you planned to take, as classes fill quickly and freshmen are the last to pick.

Evan Foster recommends to see your advisor early, don’t overburden yourself with too many classes, and to spread out your tough classes.

Allegra Reid-Davis said to sign up as early as possible for classes because if you don’t, you won’t get the classes you need. She also recommended that if you don’t have an advisor you trust, find another professor that you are willing to talk to about scheduling.

Brittany Robinson also said to sign up as early as possible for classes, and to talk to upperclassmen about the best professors to take.

Robert Hensley also said to register as early as possible, to use Degree Works to make sure you are taking classes you actually need, and to check with your advisor about your schedule.  He recommends that if your Degree Works and your advisor fail, than to ask for help from an upper classman from your major.

Luna Acree gave the advice to register early and not to be stupid on class choices. If you don’t need a class, don’t take it because it’s a waste of time and money.

Rose Johnson said to register as soon as possible, to let your advisor make your schedule, and to check the course rotation.

Justin Blankenship had two words of advice: course rotation!

Mathew Goins said that if you aren’t sure what you want to major in or what classes to take, check with your advisor because they can help push you in the right direction of majors or help make your schedule. And when you are making your schedule, have a backup plan in case a lot of your classes are already filled.

Brandon Nelson gave the advice to always take general education classes first because coming in from high school your work ethic is typically better. This leaves your courses for your degree, which you will typically enjoy more, for later in your college career when you are more likely going to be burned out.

Shawnee Friend said not taking more hours than you think you can handle and to try not to take a bunch of hard classes in one semester. She also recommended not scheduling morning classes if you aren’t a morning person, because you are likely to miss class this way.

Samantha Wolford said to always look at the course rotation. Always always always!

Amber Bragg advised that registration opens at 5a.m., be ready to register at 5a.m.

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