Plans for Break

turkeyWith Thanksgiving break just around the corner, students are already planning what they want to do with their week away from school.

Amber Bragg said that she will be spending time with her family while eating ten different Thanksgiving dinners with ten different groups of family members.

Megan Pratter said that she will spend her break sleeping and working.

Robert Hensley said that his plans are to do nothing but play video games, sleep, and plan a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Except for the Sunday before he returns to school, that day he said, he’s going to do seven papers.

Brittany Robinson is planning on going home, and playing Assassins Creed.

Victoria Simons is staying at her boyfriend’s house over break, and will be hanging out with him and his parents.

Cody Mullens is planning on visiting his family and old friends from high school. He is hoping to go bear hunting with Robert Hensley over the break as well.

Andrew Anderson and Patrick Martin had one word to say about break: hunting.

Eric Johnson will be moving into his new apartment over break.

Allegra Reid-Davis will be celebrating her 20th birthday, writing two papers, and sleeping.

Bobby Davis is planning on spending his time over break visiting his mother and grandparents.

Shawnee Friend said that she is going home over break, but she might go camping with her boyfriend.

Neysa Brown is also going home over break, and her plan is to play with her puppies as much as possible.

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