Winter Solstice to Show in Early December

Although the end of the semester is quickly approaching, there are still has several activities left. In addition to the final classes and exams, students will also have the chance to participate in several school functions. One of these is the annual winter play, which this year was written and directed by Dr. Marjorie Stewart. This year’s play; Winter Solstice gives a new take on frequently overdone holiday themed plays. Although it does address holiday themed events it does so in an interestingly different manner, however, it should be noted that the play may not be suitable for small children that still believe in Santa Clause.

Sostice Glenville StateThe play was originally created to be performed at various small café settings in the Pittsburgh area. As Dr. Stewart stated, sometimes coffee machines would cause distractions during very serious and quiet scenes. This will be the first time the play has been produced without the watchful eye of lance-eric skapura. Together with Wendy Rea, lance-eric skapura co-founded Thoreau, NM a Production Company. Stewart currently serves as the playwright in residence for Winter Solstice for this company.

The play features a six member cast compiled of the following individuals most of whom are current Glenville State College students. Aaron De Lilly will play Mr. Von Kinder, Mary Lewis will play Alex, Rose Johnson will play Carol, Justin Blankenship will play Ed, Brittany Ferguson will play e-actor, and Isabel Morris, the daughter of Dr. Gary Morris, will play Jamie. Also helping with the production will be a familiar face in the film department. Professor Dennis Wemm will be the producer of the production.

According to Mary Lewis, who plays the role of Alex, the cast members get along extremely well. Although some of the members are inexperienced, the abundance of experience that the others on the cast have, has been very helpful throughout the process. Since starting in mid- October everyone involved in the production has worked extremely hard to make the production a success. Dr. Stewart also stated that her first time directing a play here at Glenville State College has been a very rewarding experience.

One of the largest challenges of the production will be to keep performing at a high level after Thanksgiving break. In order to stay fresh, students on the cast will return early from break for rehearsals. They will then have only two days to prepare for opening night. Opening night will be Tuesday December third in the president’s auditorium. The play will also be performed on Wednesday December fourth and Thursday December fifth. The play will be free to Glenville State College students and other adults will have to pay a small fee. Each show will begin at 7 p.m. and the expected running time of the show is two hours and fifteen minutes. Come out and view the play and support the hard work that has been put in by all involved.

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