What They Don’t Tell You About Finals

Studying DazeFinal exams are fast approaching and many students are running around in the end-of-semester craze. As a senior there are many study tips I have been introduced to throughout my years at GSC; here are a few that I have found most helpful:

  1. Food: Be sure to eat healthy and nutritious meals throughout dead week and finals. You’re body has basic nutrition needs to function. Why try to test yourself when your body isn’t working at its full potential?
  2. Sleep: The average person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Do not put off papers, studying, and assignments until the last minute. If you stay up all night studying you will not retain the information and you will not be alert during the examinations.
  3. Study Buddy: You have spent the entire semester in class with other students. Find a friend in the class to study with. It benefits both students to study and keep each other on track.
  4. Study Zone: Find a quiet, secluded place with as few distractions as possible. Studying in this area will allow you to concentrate on the material. If need be, delete the facebook, twitter, instagram applications from your phone.
  5. Help: If you find you are struggling in a subject, go to the Academic Support Center and see a peer tutor. They are chosen for their aptitude in the subjects they tutor and are a valuable resource before finals and throughout the semester.Study Hard

Good Luck!

By Alisha Abbott

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