Q+A With Coach Sansbury

Head Softball Coach Mandy Sansbury and I discuss the upcoming softball season for the Lady Pioneers, the goals for the team this year, and the fact that we were the best athletes to ever graduate from Ripley High School. The Lady Pioneers look to improve upon last season’s 19 win season.

Mandy Sansbury

First year Softball Coach Mandy Sansbury previously spent six years at West Georgia.

Phoenix What’s your favorite sports drink?

Coach Sansbury  Probably Gatorade.

P Why did you decide to come to Glenville?

CS  I had a friend that played at Glenville and she called me about the job.

P Who are the leaders on the team?

CS I think the seniors are taking the biggest leadership role. I don’t really nominate captains. That’s not really something I do. I think leaders will step up on their own. I don’t really need to tell them when to step up.

P Who are the newcomers to the team that you expect to make an immediate impact?

CS We really only have one freshman who is going to be able to play this year and her name is Carlee Chetrone. She is actually going to be a big impact player for us.

P Anybody expected to make a bigger impact this season then last season?

CS I think our middle infielders are going to make a bigger impact this year in Morgan Scarpellini and Brittany Spencer. I think the whole team has the ability to step up and do some bigger things than they did last year.

P What is your favorite part about coaching?

CS Just getting to use softball as a tool to prepare people for life.

P And your least favorite part about coaching?

CS Dealing with everybody’s problems on top of my own. [laughs]

P We graduated from the same high school and are indisputably the greatest athletes from Ripley High School. Is there anybody back home that has helped you get where you are today?

CS There are lots of people. Coaches and teachers. My uncle was a big baseball star and he really helped me but too many people have helped me. Too many to be named.

P What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

CS Obviously you want to go in saying you’re going to win conference and regionals but the biggest thing is you want to go to conference and do well.

P What would you say the biggest differences are between this job and your previous job?

CS Well I have a lot more responsibility. The level of softball at high school is a lot different recruiting than where I previously was.

P Any part of the schedule you want to talk about or does every game have the same importance?

CS Every game is huge but I think the beginning of our schedule is very difficult this year with the tournaments we have scheduled so it could be throwing them to the wolves right at the beginning of the season.

P Well good luck with your season, Coach.

CS Thank you.

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