Creative Minds: WANTED

On a crisp spring morning in 1979, amid the bustle of academics and the chiming of bells from the Administration Building, Glenville State students and faculty collaborated to produce an idea, forever marking student work imaginative and astute. With support from the Language and Literature Department and concerted student effort, Glenville State’s literary arts journal, the Trillium, was born.

The Trillium, in its inception, was designed to showcase the creative endeavors of students, faculty and staff, and alumni. After the Trillium’s blossoming contributors gathered to read aloud their poetry, short prose, and to display their photographic and still art.

The aforementioned wealth of creative activities has matured into what is today a lively and prestigious publication. Presently, the Trillium is accepting submissions for the 2014 issue. This past Thursday, January 16, the editorial staff gathered for a special meeting to discuss the timeline for publication of the Trillium, and there is still plenty of room for works of art, poetry, and creative prose.

Glenville State College students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members are welcome to submit visual art, poetry, song lyrics, and short works of fiction and creative nonfiction alike. It is requested that all submissions be sent electronically to as an attachment (.doc, .rtf, or .pdf). Photography and other visual works should be attached in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif. Along with the submission it is also asked that authors and artists include a brief biographical statement and to identify the title of their work within the body of the email—this bio should be 1-2 sentences in length and written in third person.

The deadline for submissions is January 27, 2014. Please note: This is a last call for submissions. Additionally, the faculty adviser, Dr. Jonathan Minton, can be reached at to handle further questions or concerns about the submission process, or students can find the 2014 Trillium co-editors, Rose Johnson, Megan-Lynnette Rollins, or Ashely Gish on campus.

After submitting artistic works and/or creative writing to the 2014 edition of the Trillium remember to keep an eye open for the publication release and reading. The Trillium reading is a campus event that one would not want to miss!


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