Pioneer Cheer

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Faculty Advisor Sallie Anglin and Student Coach Hillary Tinney are hard at work getting GSC’s new Cheer Squad up and running with the support of Student Life. The squad is an organization focused on supporting and encouraging GSC athletes with a long-term vision of becoming a sports team themselves.

These students, a coed group, are hard at work practicing two to four times per week, conditioning on days without practice, attending required yoga classes, studying nutrition, and maintaining a 2.3 GPA. Next semester a required study hall with academic support will be required as well. Anglin is using this spring’s half-season as a time for the squad to learn to be a team and develop a team mentality along with increasing physical prowess.

The squad, the teams, and the entire GSC community can look forward to pep rallies, new uniforms, and some travel with our athletes next fall. Coach Marshall, for one, is looking forward to having the cheerleaders at home and away games. He feels that keeping up the spirits of the team players is vital to their success. Anglin and Tinney are also working hard to set the groundwork to add tumbling and stunting to the team’s repertoire. Their vision is to offer the squad professional training as early as this summer.

All of this activity is taking place with the same budget available to any student organization. They do not have a professional coach or athletic funding at this time. However, that is all part of being a true Pioneer, according to Anglin. She goes on to point out that the squad members, like many first generation college students on campus, are working hard to succeed in a wholly unfamiliar environment. With any new endeavor, big challenges are to be expected, along with struggles and even a few fumbles, as a natural part of the process. Persevering in the face of a new challenge is the very definition of Pioneer spirit.

“These students are upbeat, positive, and dedicated to the future of GSC athletics,” says Anglin. However, they need the support of faculty and student body. Take a moment to encourage our encouragers. These student leaders want nothing more than to buoy up our student athletes and boost GSC school spirit.

Tryouts will be held in April in order for new members to take part in the Summer cheer clinic and return to school , along with many of the sports teams, two weeks prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.

Any inquiries regarding the squad, tryouts, or offering support should be directed to Dr. Sallie Anglin at (304) 462-6329 or

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