Showcasing Pioneers

Glenville State College is accepting entries for the Fourth Annual Pioneer Showcase. Entries for the showcase can include research in the arts and sciences as well as creative arts projects such as poetry, fiction writing, visual arts and even theatrical and performance arts. The deadline for the abstracts is March 5. The showcase is going to be held on April 22, as those who have entered will need to prepare a presentation of their work and/or research. Those who enter have a chance to win many cash prizes.

Refreshments will be served during the showcase and everyone is welcome to view the works. The winners of last year’s showcase were Andrea Minigh and Meagan Lesser in the research division and Tiffany Tomey for the creative arts. For more information, check out the showcase on the Glenville State College website or send an email to Release your inner artist or present your research of any of the sciences that have captured your eye with great pride.

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