Lemonade Day: Career Fair Update

Among many of the tables included at the Career Fair held on Wednesday, February 26, Mollohan Campus Community Center, there was one bright yellow table that stood out and attracted the attention of several student participants.

Glenville State College has partnered with Vision Shared to bring about the Lemonade Day event to elementary aged students in Gilmer County.

Lemonade Day is a FREE community wide educational program designed to teach youth how to start, own, and operate their own business through a lemonade stand. The educational event helps youth learn how to set goals, plan for success, advertise their product, build a stand, make a product, serve customers, account for sales and expenses, and give back to their community.

If you were not able to attend the Career Fair or happened to miss this opportunity involvement is still needed! Mentor participants are need to teach workshops lasting 10-15 minutes, aid youth in learning, be a positive role model, get creativity flowing, and inspire our youth. This is a great chance to earn community service hours and get an understanding of the teaching experience (this program is backed by the West Virginia Department of Education and includes pre- and post-lessons). Lessons will include outlining the planning stage, advertisement and stand location, revenue and profits, and health.

 Lemonade Day

For more information on participation contact: Cinda.Echard@glenville.edu, Joanna.DiStefano@glenville.edu, or Burkhammer.MeganD@gsc.glenville.edu.

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