Public Safety Bans Pellet & Airsoft Guns on Campus

Glenville State College Public Safety issued a new ban on Monday, April 1 that is to take immediate effect. Due to a recent influx of responses to reports of guns on campus that turned out to be non-lethal guns–arisoft and pellet guns–campus security has moved to place a restriction on these items to prevent a serious or fatal accident as these guns can be mistaken for lethal weapons.

Airsoft and pellet guns are no longer permitted on campus. This includes restricting the possession of these guns in residence halls, classroom buildings, sport and recreational complexes, dining areas, and personal vehicles. 

Public Safety desires to keep the Glenville State College community safe by preventing an instance of critical injury and asks for your compliance in this matter to achieve the goal in providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Possession or use of any such gun will be a violation of the student code of conduct (a class D violation) and could result in immediate disciplinary action [consider state and/or federal charges and being removed from campus; it simply isn't a wise decision to brandish one of these guns].

For any further questions or concerns, contact the GSC Public Safety Department.

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