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The Pioneer Shooting Club attended it’s very first competition last weekend at Peacemaker National Training Center near Martinsburg, West Virginia. Peacemaker is the largest shooting sports complex on the east coast. Eight students attended and four participated in the competition. Dr. Grieco competed as well.

The students were using stock service pistols for the event. They were required to shoot in several different scenarios that mimicked true-to-life situations. Visit the Pioneer Shooting Club on Facebook for pictures and videos of the team in action. Scores are based on a combination of speed and accuracy. Out of 68 competitors, our team achieved the following rankings:

Jonathan Massey – 14th

Luke Moore – 39th

Garrett Rinehart – 49th

Carly Ford – 61st

Carmine Grieco – 30th

According to Dr. Grieco, the event was “fun for the students because it helped to build a sense of camaraderie and was a great adventure.” The team stayed in the northern part of WV for two days. They visited the Antietam battle field while they were there. The club was also there to learn everything they could about how an event should be run. May 3rd is the date of the first IDPA competition hosted by GSC at the Glenville shooting range. International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches are unlike typical matches in that you are presented with 3-6 different scenarios. The shooting is scenario-based rather than target based. The first GSC match will have four different stages and the stages will be novel to every match and competition. Competitors must always deal with an element of the unknown. Sometimes they will shoot on the move, sometimes with weak hand or strong hand, and even reload in the middle of a stage. It is a very dynamic kind of shooting sport and falls into the category of action shooting sports or action pistol shooting.

The Pioneer Shooting Club will also be hosting a Ten Pin match on the 26th of April at the Glenville shooting range. The winner of the match will be awarded a brand new Glock 9mm handgun. The winner will be determined by who shoots down the most bowling pins in the shortest amount of time. There will be ten pins and the shooter must stand 15 yards from the target. Contestants are limited to ten shots. This match is open to the public and entrants are not required to bring their own gun in order to participate. If you provide your own gun and ammunition, the entry fee is $15. If your gun and ammunition are provided by GSC, the entry fee is $25.

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact Dr. Carmine Grieco at or Mr. Louis Roy at

The next meeting of the Pioneer Shooting Club is April 17 at 12:30 p.m. in the Criminal Justice lab on the 4th floor of LBH. Remember, you do not need to be an experienced shooter to join. According to Dr. Grieco, “The purpose of having a shooting club is to safely introduce individuals to handling firearms and many members have little, if any, experience with firearms.  It also gives the students another extra-curricular opportunity outside of the regular school day.”

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