Anne Frank Visits GSC

The Glenville State College Theatre group will be performing a very unique play by the name of The Annex, which actually has been written by three of Glenville’s very own and is even supported by the West Virginia Humanities Council through a very generous grant. The Annex is a play that retells the story of Anne Frank and her family during their time hiding in World War II, but through various amounts of research, the writers of The Annex have decided to add the stories of the other people who were hiding in the annex for about two years and two months before being sent to the concentration camps after their capture.

During the play, we see that the annex that is housing Anne Frank and the others become a symbol of closeness, community, and even about extended families as even those who are hiding have clashed every now and then, they still look out for each other as one of their own. We see the whole ordeal of the events mentioned in The Diary of Anne Frank, but from the others who Anne had mentioned. Those who come see the play will also see how the extended family breaks apart once Anne and the rest are taken out of the annex and into concentration camps.

The lead roles of The Annex will be as followed:

  • Rose Johnson as Anne Frank
  • Britanny Robinson as Margot Frank
  • Whitney Stalnaker as Edith Frank
  • Matthew Goins as Otto Frank
  • Patrick Montgomery as Hermann Van Pels
  • Jamie Stanley as Auguste Van Pels
  • Vincent Nolte as Peter Van Pels
  • Justin Blankenship as Fritz Pfeffer
  • Samantha Wolford as Miep Gies.

The Annex will be performed in the Fine Arts Auditorium from April 30 to May 2 at 7 p. m. and there will also be brief performances for the many schools who visit at 11 a. m. Admissions for The Annex will be $2 for students outside of GSC, $5 for the general public, and GSC student will be allowed in by showing their Glenville State College ID card. There will even be an exhibit during the play in the Fine Arts Gallery provided by the Anne Frank Center from New York City for all to view. To reserve tickets for The Annex, you can call and reserve your ticket at (304) 462-6323.

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