Q+A with Coach Perry

Head Track Coach Cam Perry discusses with The Phoenix what the team’s goals are for the upcoming season and how they plan to achieve them. Other topics that arose were the sprinter’s fascination for the pool, how much runners like running in the hallways, and the team’s passion for Rodball, a sport similar to Ultimate Frisbee created by former Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez.

P What’s your favorite track event?

CP Probably would be the hammer throw.

P How would you say the indoor season prepares your athletes for a conference championship?

Head Track and Field Coach Cam Perry

Coach Perry received Coach of the Year honors last season in the conference.

CP Instead of being outside running, going up and down the hallways, and being out on the track in the cold, you actually get the chance to get a competitive edge.You get a chance to be out there and compete and run against competition.

P What’s your favorite thing about being a coach?

CP Getting to recruit, getting to meet kids, getting to know the guys. Probably the best part is you are in charge. It’s your program and if you are making the right decisions or not, you don’t have to listen to anyone else. It’s your decision
and you just have to hope it’s the right one.

P What’s your least favorite part?

CP Having to look at a kid and tell them they can’t go to a meet because they didn’t make the times. Whenever you are recruiting a kid and you put a bunch of time and effort into them and they decide to go to another school and budgeting. Not making enough or having enough to get the athletes you want or go on the trips you want to.

P How are you able to work with a variety of different athletes and have knowledge in so many different events?

CP Great assistant coaches and continuing to learn and go out go to camps and clinics. Talking with other coaches at meets about their workouts and programs.

P What sort of training do your athletes do that are their favorite workouts and that differentiate a sprinter from a distance runner?

CP They all like Rodball. [laughs] Sprinters definitely like the more technical block work sprints where they get in the blocks and come out hard there. They don’t care for the longer work like 600 and 400 meter sprints. The distance runners like it all. Well except running in the hallways. But that’s every athlete, no athlete likes running in the hallways. Sprinters like the pool workouts and distance runners like the outside. Any athlete who runs 400 meters and above likes longer workouts. Any athlete that competes at distances shorter than that likes shorter workouts.

P What are your expectations for this season?

CP Very good. We always have stayed consistently around the middle of the
conference. If everything goes right and everybody trains the way they should
then we should get fourth or third this year. Realistically. If everything goes
exactly to plan and we get more people to step up and run more events and train for those events then we could actually make a run for the conference

P How do you keep your athletes motivated throughout the season?

CP Showing them where they are in the conference on the honor roll [The honor roll compares all the athletes within the conference] Showing them how easy it is for them to achieve their next goal and taking them to competitions.

P Thanks Coach for your time.



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