5th Annual Juried Show Features GSC Students


The GSC Art Gallery

The 5th Annual Juried Art Show has a wide variety of art on display.

The 5th Annual Juried Art Show had its opening Monday, March 19th at the Fine Arts Building and featured 44 different works of art by GSC students. Liza Brenner, an art professor and curator of the show oversaw the process. “It was open to the whole campus,” she said about how the event was open to more than just art majors.

Each student was allowed to submit three pieces of work. The juror, Zachary Orcutt, determined which pieces went on display. Orcutt is a professional artist who currently teaches at WVUP and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse and a Master’s degree from Bowling Green.

However, there is more than just pride of knowing your piece was good enough to meet Orcutt’s criteria on the line. Due to the generous donations of the provost, the Fine Arts department, and an anonymous donator, it was possible for students to garner $100. With those incentives in mind, many students performed admirably.

Liza Brenner may not have served as a judge of the show but that didn’t stop her from admiring the work of her students. In particular the works of Joseph Overbrough and Jillian Malone which was a bit of irony. It was ironic because, despite Brenner not being a judge, both Overbrough and Malone went onto get awards. Malone attained a third place award for her work “The Moon in the Tree” and Overbrough received honorable mention for “The Great Escape”. First and second place in the show went to Elora Shock and Holly Wright respectively. Shock’s watercolor piece “Invictus” led to her taking home the first place prize while Wright’s “Good Enough For You” was impressive enough to Orcutt to get second place. The other two awards went too, Brittany McGuire and Harmonia Rosales. McGuire’s “Spiral” photograph was the recipient of the Linda K. Abrahams Memorial Award and Rosales achieved the prestigious Provost award for her “Empty Every Night” oil on canvas work.

Some other students who competed were Zeke Bonnett who had three works of art on display. Bonnett had several inspirations that influenced all of his works. Khaos Paradox was the title of one of his creations and the sculpture expressed his love of art and video games. Bonnett explained that the sculpture came from the popular videogame, Ripto’s Rage!. “[I have] more of a surreal cartoon style. [I am] more of a 3-D person,” Bonnett said, describing how his style differentiates from popular videogames such as Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas but compares to animated creations like the purple Spyro and the duo of Ratchet and Clank. While two of Bonnett’s works were based off of videogames, his third piece was of a completely different nature. “Louis Wain Tribute” as the name tells, was inspired from the works of the great English artist Louis Wain. Those that are familiar with Wain’s works are aware of his infatuation with cats and this was included in Bonnett’s final piece. However, Wain was known mostly for his drawings while Bonnett put his own 3 dimensional twist into the work.

Another student who participated in the art show was Freshman Nicole Smith. The Elementary Education Major had one work of art on display at the art show that epitomized the work of the talented American sculptor, Alexander Calder. The work titled “From the Inside Out” exemplifies exactly what the title says it is. Smith informed “[I wanted to] do something that represented beauty and make you look beyond the outside.” Smith’s art does just that and evokes the same sort of style Calder would have appreciated.

Another view of a couple of the many pieces of art on display.

On display in the back corner of the art gallery is Ryan Spangenberg's pants.

The art show didn’t just feature in-state artists. Ohio native Ryan Spangenberg, a Sophomore Bluegrass major, was also a part of the show. No particular artist played a role in his two pieces, “All is Well” and “Earth, Tree, Sky, Cloud”, but Spangenberg did say, “I am a big fan of Salvador Dali.” “All is Well” is a colored pencil drawing of his girlfriend, Brittany McGuire, who also had artwork in the show. The bright colors found in the portrait make colored pencils a good choice because of their variety and intensity. “Earth, Tree, Sky, Cloud” Spangenberg didn’t really create for artistic reasons. “I have always wanted to wear knitted pants,” Spangenberg said and that is exactly what he did.

The show was a huge success this year in several ways but the best way to look at how well an inaugural event is doing is by comparing it to previous years. According to Brenner “It keeps getting bigger and better every year.” That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement though. “[I’d like to see] more people, more art majors, and more stuff next year,” Brenner said. Even with this year’s big event still up, expectations have already been set for next year.


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