Monsters in the Library!


The movie Brazil will be shown at the upcoming movie night on September 16

Psyco-Mind Freak Movie, Brazil, will be shown September 16.

Glenville State College was a quiet little place – that is, until the monsters from around the world decided to visit this semester. Why would vampires, werewolves, and zombies visit GSC of all places? The only ones who knew are Melissa Gish and Jonathan Minton and the Science
Fiction and Fantasy Guild. Gish explained that she and Minton are showing these monster films because they are very important in terms of history and culture. She also confessed that they include both her and Minton’s favorites, and that they are looking forward to enjoying
them again.

The showing of these classic films is to educate the students the importance that the films have in modern society. Some of these films, like Nosferatu, City of Lost Children, and Brazil, while older, are new to most of the students here at GSC. Even though I am a fan of the genre, I had never heard of the movie Brazil until I spoke with Gish. I had, however, heard of Pan’s Labyrinth and The Fly and am looking forward to seeing them.

In addition to representing classics of the genre, some of these films are from different cultures such as France and Mexico. Some of these films will have English subtitles. Others, such as Brotherhood of the Wolf, are American remakes of foreign films. Such adaptations could include mixing both of the languages of that country and America. These films are ideal when it comes to the international festival coming up in October, and it is a wonderful way of learning about the people behind these classic films, such as who was the director and what other films that the director had done, the actors, and the location and time that some scenes were done.

These films will be shown at Room 16 on the ground floor of Robert F. Kidd Library on Sunday nights at 7. The showings are open to the public and guests are welcome to bring their own snacks. There will be door prizes at each showing and these prizes will be somewhat related to the film currently showing. At the recent showing of Nosferatu, a couple of the prizes were garlic flavored chips and a pencil, wooden of course. So come on down and see these classic horror films, win a prize, or even see Dracula himself.


September 16       Brazil

September 23       Brotherhood of the Wolf

September 30       The Devil’s Backbone

October 7             Pan’s Labyrinth

October 21           The Orphanage

October 28           Night of the Living Dead

November 4         The Fly

November 11       The Last Man on Earth

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