Constitution Day Commemoration at GSC

Constitution Day takes place on September 17th

Celebrate Constitution Day the GSC way!

The Eighth Annual Constitution commemoration is set to take place Tuesday, September 18. Among the activities to take place that day will be an essay contest. The essay must be at least 250 words for it to be accepted. First place will earn a 30 dollar gift certificate to the book store while second and third each will get 15 dollar gift certificates. In order to be elegible for a prize the participants must be willing to read their essay out loud and have submitted their essay by September 17 at 9 a.m. in the Social Sciences Department Office. Other activities to take place that day will be a speech by Jean Butcher, Gilmer County Clerk, music, and door prizes. All of this takes place between 12:20-1:20 at the President’s Auditorrium.

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