Hypnotist Wows Once Again

               The GSC Fine Arts Building was rampant with laughter once again as hypnotist Jason Nagle graced us with his presence on Thursday, November 10.

               Nagle started out the show by pulling 20 volunteers onto the stage—10 women and 10 men—and began to put them under with his hypnotic ways. Nagle also had the crowd dancing in their seats from the hilarious antics he made his volunteers perform in front of the crowd.

All the volunteers lined up ready to be hypnotized.

One volunteer really gets "hot"

“I really enjoyed putting this show on for Glenville,” said hypnotist Jason Nagle. “I always love to hear feedback from my audience and volunteers and because of this, I was able to make my show even better this year.”

            After putting his volunteers through the first round of hypnosis, he then chose a few who weren’t under very far and had them leave the stage. After this weeding out, Nagle started to put them fully under and begin the show.

             First on the list of old favorites were the speeding car skits. Nagle gave each of the volunteers the suggestion of having a car worth $150,000 and that they were speeding down the interstate. Once this suggestion was in their heads, he then went one by one down the line and asked each volunteer why they were speeding. “Because I saw you.” was one of the funnier answers from the volunteers. One volunteer, as soon as she “heard” the sirens of the police, immediately put her face in her hands and started crying.

             “I cannot believe that I did some of the things that I did,” said GSC sophomore Sam Wolford. “I do however believe that the show was as funny as my friends told me and that I actually was hypnotized.”

            The night ended with a bang as Nagle pulled out another oldie but goodie, and broke out the dance club music. Nagle went down the line and had those volunteers dance with him before he worked his magic and had them “fall asleep” on the stage floor in preparation for the great revealing of what each volunteer had done during the show. After each volunteer had been put to sleep, Nagle woke them back up with the suggestion that the power had gone out and that they had just taken a nap instead. He had them leave the stage one at a time, with the last suggestion of the night to fully remember everything that they had done throughout the show.

Volunteers waiting patiently to be hypnotized.

GSC students lined up and waiting for the next skit.

            All in all, the show was a success once again this year as the audience consisted of over 100 students and faculty members. Though the night started rainy and late, Jason Nagle was met with a great audience and he gave us a great show. Hopefully this hypnotist will become a tradition. Or has he just put that suggestion in our minds?

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