Public Safety: The Solution or the Problem?

What’s a more critical issue? Rape or a parking violation? Violence or making sure the doors to a facility are locked? Clearly these are rhetorical questions but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the actions of Glenville’s Public Safety Department. Even here at little Glenville State College some ugly events are happening and the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye.

In one of the previous issues I addressed the problem with parking. It is a tedious process that does need attention. However, Public Safety has an obsession with tackling this issue. So much so that it may be taking time away from more serious public safety and security issues. From a financial standpoint it appears to be very efficient to have these officers hand out as many parking tickets as possible. The more tickets they give to the students, faculty, and guests who park where they shouldn’t or aren’t allowed then the more cash that comes back to the college. However, if half as much time and effort was spent protecting the students as it is spent writing up parking violations, then I guarantee the college would be better off.

From my own experiences I have witnessed the ineptitude and inattentive nature of the officers working for Glenville State Public Safety. An incident occurred earlier this year at Goodwin Hall. The fact that no one was hurt was more good luck than good management on the part of Public Safety. The instance I am referring to involved only two students and had several student witnesses.  An altercation took place right in Goodwin Lobby. The incident did not end quickly and the desk worker attempted to call Public Safety, yet there was no response. Eventually the fight was broken up by fellow students but obviously this isn’t the best way to handle things.

In a far more serious case, WBOY reported that a former Glenville State student was raped, and that Public Safety allegedly lost evidence regarding the case. Well, Public Safety, I hope you are happy with all the money you helped Glenville State College earn, because it is all about to go down the drain in legal fees and court costs. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the current officers with new ones. I have been going to school here three years and I have only known these officers to do two things: Hand out tickets and lock up buildings. We need new officers at Glenville State who have their priorities straight.

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  1. Brittany Ferguson says:

    I’m sorry, but I do not agree. Yes, you made some valid points about where the Campus Police should be turning their attention to, but fireing the current officers and replacing them isn’t going to fix the problem. I’m sorry to say, but it does sound like you have something against Campus Police personally. The new officers will be trained just like the last ones. It needs to brought to the attention of higher officals, that the Campus Police are not doing a good job protecting the students.

  2. Kevin Hardbarger says:

    Brittany I agree with you on this issue. One day in the middle of the semester I had to change my second vehilce on my parking permit and there was no one in the office, so I called their cell phone. They said that they were off-campus and that I could take care of it the next day. I got there the next day and I got a studnet worker to change the permit applcation for me. I also see them down at Mountaineer Mart next to Foodland all the time and not being on campus as heavy as they should.

  3. melissa campos says:

    Seriously ?
    We don’t have campus security. We simply don’t.Basically, they spend 98.2 percent of their time writing parking tickets and the rest eating and scratching their butts. So, to compensate, we have to really use our heads. I mean, really go beyond the books and dig deep into the knowledge known as common sense.
    The alleged rape of that girl was a tragic thing,but the fact of the matter is, none of us know if it really happened.
    Young students need to wake up and stop living in sunshine and rainbow land. Here is the fact of the matter: If you put yourself in a dangerous situation, dangerous things can, and generally do happen, even in tiny little Glenville. Here are some really good tips. Don’t walk alone at night, Don’t drink beer with a bunch of men in a dorm room alone, good lord this is just asking for trouble. Don’t dress like a slut. I know this sounds insensitive, but really. If you dress like a goon you will attract goons. Carry pepper spray or a taser they are both great tools, and pretty inexpensive. Your cell phone is a tool too its not just for texting, it can call 911 too. Wake up girls – Please. You all are so young and so beautiful, and it just seems like you all are missing so many brain cells. Use your heads and protect yourselves. These men don’t want your hearts, they want in your pants. Not all of them are sweet. Just be safe !

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