College Completion Center

About the College Completion Center


The College Completion Center provides student-centered, campus-wide leadership that facilitates the success of all students from their first semester through graduation at Glenville State College. We work closely with faculty to ensure students' retention and success; we engage the parents of our students by offering them an opportunity and outlet to communicate with the institution; we enlist the support of parents in their students' experience; and we monitor the academic progress of at-risk students.

What we Do for Students

  • Contact students to relay the concerns of faculty received via the "Call Coach E-Alert" system
  • Advise at-risk students of their academic status at 4-week grades and midterms
  • Consistently and objectively conduct exit interviews for all students withdrawing from Glenville State College
  • Generate bi-weekly progress reports for at-risk students
  • Provide extra care for first-year students
    • Make contact with all students upon being admitted to GSC
    • Provide academic monitoring for at-risk freshmen through bi-weekly progress reports