About the Center for Criminal Justice Studies

Located at 103 Factory Road in Glenville, the new Morris Center for Criminal Justice Studies boasts well equipped classrooms, a wide variety of sophisticated equipment for hands-on learning, and an array of physical training equipment.

The CCJS currently offers courses in Advanced Crime Scene Management; the CCJS will soon offer police officer in-service training as well as classes in how to perform field tests of drugs.

The OSIX program has been helping the WV Fusion Center with active cases since the Fall of 2011. This program allows students to participate in real world criminal work to gain experience and validate their career goals.

The director of the CCJS, Ronald Taylor, has over twenty-five years experience in forensics at the WV State Police Forensic Laboratory, in the fields of Drug Identification, Clandestine Drug Laboratory Search and Seizure, Gunshot Residue Analysis, Ignitable Liquid Identification, Glass Comparison, Physical Matches, and Lamp Analysis. While employed for the WV State Police Forensic Laboratory, Mr. Taylor held the titles of Drug Identification Section Supervisor, Quality Manager, Chairman of the Quality Assurance Board, Safety Officer, and Deputy Laboratory Director. He retired with the rank of 1st Lieutenant.


Ronald Taylor 
Associate Director, Public Safety Office
Lower Level, Harry B. Heflin Administration Building 
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