Honors Program - First-Time Freshmen

The Honors Program Committee understands that many students who qualify for the Honors Program as entering first-time freshmen may not become aware that the program exists or understand that they qualify for the program. Therefore, we hold open spots each year for students who did not apply prior to their first semester on campus.


Current, first-semester first-time freshmen at Glenville State College may apply for the Honors Program during the fall of their freshman year if they meet the following qualifications:

  • They have a minimum 3.50 Glenville GPA at midterm of their first semester at Glenville State College.


To apply to the Honors Program as a first-time first-semester freshman, students must first complete the following by October 29, 2021:

  1. Honors Program online application

    Upon completing the online Honors Program application, selected students will be asked to also supply additional materials. The following materials will all be due by November 12, 2021:
  2. 400 word essay on the following topic:

    Using your experiences both in school and in extracurricular/community-service/employment opportunities, discuss how you think individuals in the increasingly complex and diverse experiences of the 21st century should demonstrate good leadership skills and civic mindedness and why those methods are most fruitful.
  3. List of extracurricular/community activities that relate to leadership, service, and/or diversity
  4. Two (2) recommendation letters from Glenville State College faculty members, which speak to both the applicant’s academic ability/potential and their character

    Finally, the Honors Program Committee will ask selected students to complete the following:
  5. Interview with the Honors Program committee by December 3, 2021

The Honors Program may provisionally admit students following their interview. However, provisionally-admitted students must have a 3.50 GPA at the end of the fall semester in order to receive full admittance.

The mission, structure, expectations, and rewards for students admitted through this process remain identical for those admitted through the other process with the following exception: They must take their first Honors Program seminar in the spring of their freshman year.  

Program Requirements

Admitted Honors Program students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the end of each academic year and must complete Honors Program Seminars and general honors credit requirements in accordance with the plan found in the Glenville State College catalog. Honors Program students may receive a one-semester probation if their GPA declines below a 3.5 or if they fail to meet curricular milestones on time, at the discretion of the Honors Program Steering Committee. Failure to regain a 3.5 cumulative GPA or meet curricular milestones at the end of that probationary period may result in removal from the Honors Program and the rescinding of all member privileges.