Symptom and Contact Protocol Flowchart

Protocols Flowchart 083121



Terms and Definitions

Point of contact for COVID – is the on-campus individual who will coordinate with Brenda Smith, the Gilmer County Health Department Nurse Administrator, and all relevant parties on campus to address all COVID-related issues. This person is Tegan McEntire, Director of Human Resources. Please direct any COVID related questions to her at or (304) 462-6193.

Isolation – refers to housing of individuals who are confirmed positive for COVID. These individuals will be housed in Pickens Hall or their personal residence. Contact tracing is only applied to individuals who are in isolation. Transportation of students from Pioneer Village to Pickens Hall will be handled by Public Safety. Residence Life will walk students from Goodwin Hall to Pickens Hall. Isolation will last 14 days from the time of contact.

Quarantine – refers to housing of individuals who are not confirmed positive for COVID, but have come into contact with a positive individual or are symptomatic and awaiting the results of a COVID test. These individuals will be housed either in their dorm room or private residence (for off-campus students). These individuals should not leave their room or house except to be tested and should wear masks and social distance if sharing the room with another individual.

*Contact – refers to an individual who is a primary direct contact with someone who is confirmed positive for COVID.

  • Both individuals are unmasked: Considered Contact
  • Both individuals are masked: Not considered a Contact
  • If positive individual (contact) is unmasked: Considered Contact

Contact tracing team for GSC – is the on-campus team that will trace all primary contacts for positive COVID cases on the GSC campus. The team is composed of Tegan McEntire, Director of Human Resources, Katie Bishop, Head Athletic Trainer, Leisa Dean, Administrative Secretary in Academic Affairs, Jeremy Carter, Academic Success Counselor, Chelsea Stickelman, Director of Admissions, McKenzie Royce, Admissions Counselor, and Angelica Nichols, Admissions Counselor.

    Meals – All individuals in quarantine and isolation are to remain in their rooms and will have meals delivered. Jesse Skiles, Athletic Director, will coordinate meal delivery to students in isolation and quarantine. Snacks and water will be purchased by the GSC Foundation and delivered to Goodwin Hall for dissemination to students in insolation and quarantine.


    Testing Locations in Glenville

    It is best to get tested locally, as Glenville State College is working closely with Minnie Hamilton and the Gilmer County Health Department. There are two options in town for rapid testing, Minnie Hamilton and Walgreens. Contact information for each is below:

    • Minnie Hamilton Health System, Glenville – (304) 462-7322. Call from the Waco Center parking lot in front of Minnie Hamilton and let them know you are there to get tested. A health professional will meet you outside and perform the test.
    • Walgreens, Glenville – (304) 462-4438. Walgreens is performing COVID-19 drive-through testing. You can call for more information or go to their website.