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“We know not where seed may sprout. In the poorest and most unregarded child who seems to be abandoned to ignorance and evil, there may slumber virtue, intellect and genius. It is our duty to sow and to nurture, leaving it to others to harvest the fruits of our efforts.”
- Claude Worthington Benedum

Glenville State College could not offer such an excellent education, athletic programs or extracurricular events without the help of alumni and friends like you. The GSC Foundation serves as the fund-raising arm of the college, assists with publication of the Pioneer Progress magazine, and works with donors to develop scholarships and funds for our deserving students. Glenville State College employees may contribute via check, credit card, or payroll deduction by filling out an Employee Payroll Deduction Form.


The Glenville State College Foundation manages a wide range of funds that are used for scholarships and awards. If you find yourself in a position to help Glenville State College continue its success, please contact the foundation at (304) 462-4125.

Students who are interested in being considered for scholarships must first complete an application (PDF) and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. The GSC Scholarship Committee reviews all applications, determines the qualifications of each applicant, and awards scholarships. Please see our scholarships page.

Hidden Promise Consortium

By now many or most of you have heard of the Hidden Promise Consortium. This program, established in 2007, is in all 55 counties in West Virginia. It targets students who would be first in their families to attend college, identified by their principals and superintendents as having the potential to succeed in college, but possibly lacking a clear picture of the value of a college education or the pathway to attain it.

The expense of maintaining this program is also expanding, with nearly 100 mentors responsible for maintaining contacts with approximately 2,000 high school students in the consortium as well as the expense of conducting the summer camps for all of the consortium members each year on campus here in Glenville. These costs are in addition to the $1,000 per year scholarships provided to any of the students who matriculate to Glenville State upon graduation from high school.

A contribution earmarked for the Hidden Promise Consortium will help ensure this important program will continue to grow and lead many more deserving young men and women to a college education.