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Draft Policies Posted for Public Comment

The administration and board invite public comments and suggestions for thirty days following the policy posting date. Reply via email to Teresa Sterns or via traditional mail to

Teresa Sterns
Office of the President
200 High Street
Glenville, WV 26351

GSC Personnel Policy 23 (final draft)
Employment, Evaluation, and Responsibilities of the President at Glenville State College
Posted April 21, 2006

GSC Personnel Policy 18 (final draft)
Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion, and Tenure
Posted April 21, 2006

Intent to Draft and/or Amend Policies

Items to be Drafted into a Policy

  • Policy for review, approval, and prioritization of capital projects
  • Procedures for purchases not exceeding $25,000
  • Procedures for receiving and distributing materials, supplies, equipment and services
  • Rules governing and controlling acquisitions, purchases, leases and other instruments for grounds, buildings, or other space or lease-purchase agreements
  • Purchasing policy
  • Inter-institutional Cooperation and Sharing Between Public and Private Higher Education in West Virginia

Policies to be Amended

GSC Administrative Policy 5 - Policies on Use of Institutional Facilities
GSC Administrative Policy 9 - Disposition of Surplus Equipment, Supplies and Materials
GSC Personnel Policy 15 - Holidays
GSC Personnel Policy 16 - Classified Employees
GSC Personnel Policy 17 - Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Military Leave and Other Leaves
GSC Personnel Policy 19 - Staff Development
GSC Personnel Policy 22 - Personnel Administration
GSC Student Policy 36 - Student Rights and Responsibilities
GSC Tuition and Fees Policy 43 - Assessment, Payment and Refund of Fees

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