No other program prepares a student for a nonprofit like Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.
- David R. Mercer, Retired CEO, YMCA of the USA
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For those who desire an exciting career in the nonprofit sector, there is no better undergraduate preparation than earning a minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and/or a Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certification. Glenville State College is the place to get them. Glenville State is the only institute of higher education in West Virginia to provide this opportunity.

"Nonprofit Sector" is a collective name used to describe institutions and organizations that are non-governmental and do not exist to make money for owners and investors. Nonprofits address community needs, advocate for community and social change, and engage citizens in democratic problem solving.

Students pursuing a minor or certification in Nonprofit Leadership Management may also be interested in joining the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating, preparing, and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations.

National Leadership Alliance welcomes students of any major, from any academic department.


GSC Students Help Raise Funds for the American Red Cross April 19, 2011
First Nonprofit Leadership and Management Course Offered at GSC this Spring December 14, 2009


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