certificate winners
Adult learners from the Braxton County Center who completed courses
for a certificate in Entrepreneur Essentials, some in just two semesters!
The mission of the Off-Campus Programming of GSC is to enable students to become successful upon graduation. The degree programs hosted off-campus provide unique opportunities to demonstrate professional, social, and personal growth. The faculty of scholars who are practitioners in their respective fields, enhance the learning process and to guide students to reach their goals.

The program is committed to providing opportunities for the non-traditional student and the working parent. Course offerings are tailored by providing traditional and accelerated semesters to enhance the opportunity of completing a college education while balancing a busy schedule.

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Glenville State College is honored to partner with West Virginia Community & Technical College System’s EDGE (Earn a Degree, Graduate Early) Program.

The program allows students to receive college credit from approved high school courses. Also, adults are able to earn EDGE credit if they have taken the same courses at a career and/or technical center.

EDGE credits may be applied in the following areas:

For more information about EDGE, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

To apply for your EDGE Transcripts, please click on the logo below.

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What is the “College Courses for High School Students” program (formally known as “Dual Credit”)?
The “College Courses for High School Students” program at Glenville State College gives high school juniors and seniors opportunities to get started early with college courses while still being in high school. When enrolling in GSC’s courses that are held in the high school during school hours, the high school students not only receive college credit but high school credit as well.
What are the benefits of the Program?
There are numerous benefits to the program for the high school students. One of the most beneficial aspects is the ability to advance a college career while still being a high school student. On average, students enrolling in a dual program at GSC can earn up to 24 credit hours before they graduate from high school.
Who is eligible for the Program?
High school juniors and seniors must meet the following guidelines:
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 or better.
  • Be recommended by the high school principal.
  • Met the prerequisites of the desired course(s) as outlined in the College’s catalog
Students must provide copies of the ACT or SAT scores if enrolling in English or mathematical courses. For more information on the passing scores, please consult the College’s catalog.
What textbooks are used for the courses?
The courses off-campus use the same textbook as on-campus courses. Please contact the College’s Bookstore for more information regarding the current text for the course(s).
Will the college courses transfer to other college?
Most generally the courses offered to high school students are considered “general education” or “general studies” courses. Typically, a high school student who earns credit in those type of courses and easily transfer the credits to any two- or four-year public college or university in West Virginia. If you plan to attend a private or an out-of-state college or university, please contact the institution’s Registrar for information on acceptance of credit.


Fee Schedule for High School Students


Application for Adult Learners
Application for Early Entrance/High School Students


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