Affordable Care Act Notice

One of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (sometimes referred to as "Obamacare") is that employers notify employees before October 1, 2013 of the Health Insurance Marketplace. For information about the Marketplace and how this law may affect you, please read these notices: Notification | Coverage Options

About Human Resources

The Glenville State College Human Resources Department collaborates with all members of the college community to develop, implement, and maintain a respectful, diverse, and productive workplace free of discrimination and harassment in accordance with federal, state, and institutional policies and procedures.

This is achieved through:

  • recruitment of qualified individuals and retention of our valued employees
  • enforcement of Title IX rules and regulations
  • providing professional development opportunities and advancement tracks for faculty and staff
  • establishing clear and transparent human resource policies and procedures
  • providing effective supervisor and employee training
  • maintaining and securing personnel records
  • safeguarding personnel confidentiality

The Human Resources Department maintains a list of employment opportunities available at the college.