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General Information

The Director of Technology must approve all computer hardware, software, and services prior to acquisition. All applicable purchasing requirements of Glenville State College and/or the state of West Virginia shall apply.


The Director of Technology must be consulted in the planning of any purchase of computer hardware and must sign the request for purchase before it can go to the Business Office for processing under the guidelines specified above. All computer hardware, including that acquired by a division or office, is under the control of the Director of Technology.

The Office of Technology is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and care of all computer hardware. The Office of Technology will charge non-controlled hardware to the appropriate division or office.

Computer hardware owned by the college may be used by any faculty member, division, department, or student who needs it when available. The department that originally requested the hardware will have first call on its use. Other interested parties may obtain use of the hardware on a first-come, first-served basis coordinated through the Director of Technology and the department involved. Hardware locations may be changed from time to time to meet evolving needs and priorities.

Computer hardware may be:

  • Located in a public area for general use by all users.
  • Located in specified office or room for an extended period of time for use by a specific user or group of users. The person requesting such services shall be responsible for all hardware assigned to them and shall report any problems to the Director of Technology for correction.
  • Signed out to a faculty or staff member for a short period of time to supplement the basic hardware already available to them. No hardware will be removed from the campus without prior written approval of the Director of Technology.


General-purpose software is acquired by the Office of Technology and made available to faculty and staff. Special purpose software needed for single or very few users may be purchased through the Office of Technology. Special purpose software will be made available by request of area manager to the Director of Technology. There will be times when the Office of Technology will have to remove software or files in order to make room for someone else to use the system. All attempts will be made to leave all software available at all times, but this cannot always be feasible due to the size of the current computer system.


The Office of Technology staff provides computer assistance and services to all areas of the college. All requests for any services must be submitted in writing, by Intranet, or by oral consultation to the Director of Technology. The Director will assign appropriate staff to the completion of such requests. The Director will also attempt to give deadlines of completion to the person requesting the service. Such deadlines will be approximate, as other, higher priority requests may arise unexpectedly.

Instructional Consulting

The Office of Technology will provide professional and paraprofessional assistance to students using the available computers in their course work. This assistance includes terminal usage, log-on/log-off procedures, response to error messages, and use of the appropriate manuals, but shall not include program design. Instructors needing assistance will direct such requests to the Director of Technology as outlined under services above.

WVNET (West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing)

Glenville State College is a member institution of WVNET. As such, the computer services available to the user are not limited to the micros and the mini systems located on campus. They are enhanced by access to large-scale computing power at the WVNET host site in Morgantown and by WVNET's connections to national and international networks. Request for services provided by WVNET must be made to the Director of Technology.

Computer Accounts

To use the networked computer systems located at Glenville State College, one must have a valid account number. Students generally receive accounts from their instructors and such accounts are active for only the specific term the course is taught. Extensions of the life of an account past the end of the term must be approved by the involved instructor and by the Director of Technology. Other non-class accounts may be obtained by contacting the Director of Technology.

Office of Technology Help Desk Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.