example emergency texts

About the Service

The emergency notification system will allow you to receive information about school closings, broken water mains, road closures, and similar emergency situations. Log in below with your GSC domain user name and password.

For faculty/staff this will be something like john.doe.
For students, it will be something like 00012345.

The first time you log in you will be prompted for your mobile phone number, mobile carrier, and email address. After providing your mobile phone number and/or email address you will receive a SMS (text) message and/or email with a validation code or link. Type the validation code into the form provided to receive emergency notifications via SMS. Click on the link in the email to receive emergency notifications via email.

Once you have configured and activated emergency notification, log in here to add or remove mobile devices, or to add a phone number for receiving voice messages. Notifications are also posted via Twitter and Facebook.


NOTE: if you get an error saying "Failed to BIND to LDAP server," that means you have an incorrect user name and/or password.