In order to access the campus wireless network, you must provide your domain credentials.

  • Residents: First you have to connect the computer to an Ethernet port in your room. Once you are connected click on Internet Explorer and follow Shentel’s steps to create your own username and password. If you don’t have access to a wired connection then you will have to call Shentel for assistance. (1-800-Shentel)
    • You should always connect to the “Student_Wireless” on campus.
  • Commuters: If this is the first time you are logging on to the network you must do so from a computer on campus either in the library, one of the labs, or a computer in the Office of Technology located on the second floor of LBH. Username: GSC\last 8 digits of student ID (use a backslash, located above the enter key, not a forward slash)
    • Example:
      • Userid: GSC\00012345 (NOT GSC/00012345)
      • Password: Is the word Passw0rd (make sure you use a capital P and a zero in place of the o)
    • You should always connect to “GSC” wireless on campus.
  • Faculty/Staff: Your credentials and passwords will be supplied to you by Human Resources. As with the students you need to authenticate your account on a computer connected to the network before attempting to connect to the wireless network. Username: GSC\John.Doe and the password provided by Human Resources.
    • You should always connect to “GSC” wireless on campus.

Several guides have been written to step you through configuring your mobile device for access to the campus wireless network; other OS are simple and straightforward and should require no guide: